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About Fireman Sam

Fireman Sam, the Ultimate Hero Next Door, has been racing to the rescue of his friends in all sorts of perilous situations for over 25 years. Based in the village of Pontypandy, Fireman Sam is a pillar of the community and the hero of every rescue. Whether stuck on a high cliff-face or caught in an underground cave, the children of Pontypandy know help is always close at hand -- thanks to the brave and resourceful Fireman Sam. The Fireman Sam television series continues to be top rated globally, airing in more than 35 languages with market awareness in 155 countries. Now you can find Fireman Sam content and product exclusively on Amazon in the US.

The original idea for Fireman Sam came from two ex-firemen from Kent - Dave Gingell and Dave Jones. They approached Mike Young (from Barry in Wales) who created Superted, and who assisted them to further develop the concept.

It was then brought to S4C's Director of Animation, Chris Grace, who saw the potential in the idea and commissioned the series. (Chris had previously commissioned Superted, which achieved great success in the UK and internationally.)

The characters and storylines were created by Rob Lee, a Cardiff-based illustrator and the programme was produced in 'stop-motion' - the technique of producing puppet animation. It can take up to 4 days to produce 1 minute of puppet animation!